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. >>> president obama needs to continue would has been saying which is the truth >>> the romney campaign disagrees and says obama has plenty of questions to answer. >>> the president needs to explain why he has not done what he promised he would do >>> democrats need to work harder this year because new state voter i.d. laws could keep older and minority voters away from polls >>> i want to see and do everything possible supporting him to get the vote out and make sure it is there >>> president obama 1 north carolina in 2008 and democrats want the convention to help him hold on to the state this year >>> the president makes his way here through swing states he appealed to students at the university of colorado's sunday >>> if you are willing to work with me and knocked on doors with me make phone calls with me if you are willing to vote with me in november we will win boulder and colorado we will win this election. >>> hundreds of protesters took to the streets sunday but the march focused on big banks than on the president. danielle nottingham cbs 13 news >>> the big question facing the president
like with what president obama promises we get the same results we have a narrow window of opportunity. >>> ryan attended another fund raiser in fresno tonight. far from california's moneymaking machine mitt romney and president obama rally voters in crucial states on the east coast. the candidates get out the post convention blades. >>> mitt romney handed out hot dogs in virginia a state where he's deadlock with obama. earlier romney used the backdrop at a military museum in virginia beach to focus on looming defense cuts. >>> the kind of numbers and jobs lost in virginia between 100 and 200,000 i will maintain our military command. >>> he'll also attend and that the jobs report saying the president does not have what it takes to turn the economy around. >>> he does not have a plan or any ideas. >>> president obama greeted voters on it for through florida, speaking to a crowd in seminole, he challenged the republican clamed the country is headed down hill. >>> when our opponents say this country in decline they are dead wrong. this is america. >>> the president positions himself as a
elissa harrington cbs 5 >>> campaign 2012 mitt romney and president obama and traded jabs the make stops in swing states to discuss key issues dru levenson reports >>> the president and amanda wants to be president hit the all important battleground states in iowa and president obama criticized gop candidate mitt romney and republicans for offering americans nothing new during the convention >>> when gov. rodney had a chance to let you in on secret sauce he did not offer you a new idea you heard him talk a lot about me, you heard him talk a lot about met, he didn't talk a lot about you. romney and paul ryan were in florida home to many military bases ryan told the gop faithful he would cut the budget but not cut the military. that is bad for jobs and bad for national security the world is not a safer place >>> earlier in cincinnati ryan use the college football game to criticize barack obama on job issues for both sides it is game on romney tries to continue its momentum after the gop convention president obama tries to build his ahead of the democrat convention. dru levenson cbs news. v
>>> turning to the presidential race it appears president obama has momentum and the lead in the polls coming out of the democratic convention gallops 7 day average shows the president with a five point lead over mitt romney. the president's largest lead since early july. with the conventions behind us, the president and the challenger have sharpened their attacks and focus on the middle-class. jan crawford with more. >>> the could not answer questions of they would pay five trillion dollars in new tax cuts and two trillion dollars in defense spending without raising taxes on middle-class >>> a theme the president and vice-president are hammering in all heil another key state joe biden question romney's priorities >>> given these massive tax cuts what happens yet to make it somewhere you've got it and guess who? you. >>> the obama campaign tries to but romney is out of touch and in the pocket of big business but in an interview romney offered a forceful defense >>> contrary to what the democrats say a will not increase the tax burden on the metal " class >>> and accusing democrats of playing
is on for obama and mitt romney they spent the day raising cash dru levenson shows us what is happening. >>> president barack obama came to wisconsin hungry for votes and food. the president's motorcade made an unscheduled stop at a milwaukee deli famous for its sausage >>> before i cannot hear i had an outstanding sampling of brought worst >>> president obama said it takes more than one turn to fix the economy he hammered away at gop challenger mitt romney over his economic policy >>> will need to bring down the deficit but not by sticking it to middle-class >>> the president leads in the polls here but was there to offset the republican home state advantage of the vice- presidential running mate is a congressman paul ryan teared both presidential candidates spend saturday fund-raising in california randa told donors the president has failed america >>> i'm convinced the president does not have a fundamental understanding of what makes the economy work >>> unemployment at 8% romney promises to get americans back to work. >>> the day than the of having a good job with good pay i will fi
>>> campaign 2012 president obama and mitt romney prepping for their first debate next week the running mates were campaigning in battleground states joe biden in florida telling voters the republicans want to change medicare meanwhile paul ryan hammered the obama administration on the economy >>> they don't want to tell you the not for medicare there for a thing i call a voucher care >>> as a result of the most predictable economic crisis and not fixing it our credit rating was downgraded for first time in our history >>> the candidates are honing debate techniques run it will get help from ohio senator rob portman who will play obama and for the president's preparations senator john kerry will stand in for romney. cub manager brown vetoes a bill to ban agencies from disrupting cellphones service without court order, it targeted bart, which sparked a free-speech debate when it cut cellphones service in san francisco to disrupt the planned protest, the governor said it could divert attention from a true emergency by requiring court agencies to get eight court order prior to a shutdown >>> pub
. president obama goes through ohio tomorrow later in the week he goes to new york florida and virginia and wisconsin challenger mitt romney courts latino voters in los angeles and speak truth the hispanic chamber of commerce and interview with telemundo he is expected to hold fund-raising events in utah texas and florida to be seen by some as worse a message in a tight presidential race african american clergy see no good candidate in the race for president won two is a mormon and the other back same-sex marriage. anne mackovic with more. >>> sunday at mount zion church in berkeley for some of that means time to talk politics >>> i don't make recommendations mai on a push to make sure the vote >>> and double a c p is sensing apathy >>> obama won over 95 percent of black voters expected to get an overwhelming majority again but cannot afford to lose much of the base. the president came out in support of same sex marriage. a touchy issue >>> yes it is his >>> mitt romney is mormon a religion that once barred men of african descent from priesthood. >>> for a politician i don't think their
president obama and mitt romney featured on 60 minutes. they're asked questions about issues ranging from the economy to foreign policy. dru levenson with more. >>> on 60 minutes mitt romney laid out part of his economic plan to scott pelley >>> u.s. c american people to hire u.s. president the want to hear specifics >>> i can tell them i will not raise taxes on middle income folks i will not lower the taxes paid by high income individuals >>> president obama criticized romney's plan >>> ulysses have won no tax cuts for the wealthy and roll back regulations >>> romney has called for the president to be aggressive concerning iran's nuclear threat >>> i have executed my foreign policy and people largely agree with that president if mr. romney wants to start another war he should say so >>> after a video service to about mitt romney's and he does not care about those who don't pay taxes he defended the comments >>> i want to help one hundred percent of the american people >>> both men described qualities of a leader >>> a later has capacities and vision and seas were things are headed >>> le
stevens and three other americans died in an assault on the u.s. consulate tuesday. president obama is calling on all nations to protect american serving overseas. >>> we send a clear message to the world and one newest the tax our people will not escape willijustice >>> portola geraldine l. cbs news >>> a new look at the consulate in benghazi a rocket-propelled grenade ignited a fire u.s. ambassador christopher 79th at stephens died of smoke inhalation in his bedroom he considered the bay area home. four libyans arrested in connection with the attack. google denied a request by the white house to remove the movie clips from youtube ink blot the video in parts of the middle east because it violated local laws google says it does not violate its terms of service regarding hate speech. an unlikely group of protesters in the bay area fueled by a territorial dispute in asia chinese-americans joined in the anti-japanese demonstrations in san francisco chinese are upset that japan decided to buy islands in east tennessee despite strong opposition from the chinese government. they believe
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9